Small firm tender lump contained by front of ear, subsequent to tragus?


I'm terrified...have only found this lump and it is hard and tender. Does anyone have any information that may placate me until morning?

Thank you
Funny, i be out looking for an answer to the very same thing the other daylight, and then i called my friend who is a doctor.
What i widely read was, there is nil in that area approaching a lymph or gland that can be life threatening.
It can only be a sys or something minor.

Turned out to be a really deep pimple with no leader for me.

It went away :)
I wouldn't worry to much, it may purely be a cyst, but I would go to your doctor to get it checked out, and gain something for it. we'll I hope everything goes well, and option you the best. Source(s): past research I have done, sorry I hold no site but you can always type cyst into google seach and find some info about them.

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