I am 18 and I am constantly worrying give or take a few have cancer?

Ok I'm 18 years old and I have be scared since I was 12 that I might gain esophageal or stomach cancer. I had h.pylori in my system at age 13 and took antibiotics for a month but I don't know if its gone. I other had this dull pain surrounded by my upper stomach area and especially when I eat spicy or dairy products. I've have this pain since I was 12 and I'm so panicky that its going to lead to some kind of cancer in the past I'm like 30. I also have the emotion of a lump in my throat which might lead to esophageal cancer. I go to a specialist and he said that theres no way I can have those considerate of cancers right now and he didn't recommend a endoscopy or anything. It made me have a feeling a little better but recently my stepfather be diagnosed with liver cancer and it really got me down. I'm panicky and extremely sad for him and I just can't regard as of how hes feeling right now. I'm newly scared...my doctor said I have an inflammated stomach and he other gives me zantac which I don't know if its helping or not. I'm gonna go subsequent week maybe cause I wanna do a blood exam to see if the bacteria is still in my stomach. I only cant stop thinking about the cancer its driving me crazy!
Sounds like you are suffering from a phobia of cancer. I don't think your doctor nor any clinical psychologist could do much to extinguish that phobia, as they don't enjoy a clue how this phobia came about within the first place. The best they can do is telling you that you don't have cancer, and you are not imagined to have cancer.

This might sound strange to you. Most credible, this phobia has its root in one of your historic lives. It was something that you did in a previous incarnation and your soul know that you will get cancer
as a result of what you did. This fear will surface when you do something that mimics the particularly act you did in times gone by life.

To get rid of the phobia for honest, you need to reprogram or heal your soul.

You can ask a hypnotherapist to do a previous life regression for you. You need not bring up to date him or her your problem. Just ask him to do a regression and see what issues you have that need your attention. Once you found the source of the problem, he or she could front you though a healing session.

Alternatively, you can do a spiritual healing. This is the authoritative cure for all diseases. If you feel an inclination to become spiritual, this is the footprints that you should take. For a deeper understanding of spiritual remedial and past lives issues, you might want to check out www.blunt.fm or www.onlygodheals.com.

Even if you don't buy my ideas, please remember what I said. After you hold exhausted all other possible remedies, you might want to reconsider my suggestions. Some remedies might work for a while. But the phobia could come fund after a few years, or even a few decades.

Hope you get well soon.
Ok i am 25 and have those same fears infact i own a lump in my neck that i hold no idea was near until i thought i would check and feel and found one i went to my doc and she said it be a little swollen lympnod it scared me. BUt after i felt a friends neck that have the same lump it made me feel a great deal better. just know you are not the only one that have this issues you are fine
After a while, constant worrying can cause a soul to develop an unrealistic belief that they are sick when they are actually healthy. The description of your situation looks like mad like you are worrying about something that constituent of your mind knows is not really something to worry roughly, but you still worry about it anyhow. If this is true, the material threat to your health is worry, not cancer or H. pylori.

During your subsequent doc visit, you could describe to your doctor exactly what you wrote here, or even print out this questions and afford it to him/her. It might be helpful to have a conversation near the doc about constantly worrying about something, as the verbs itself is a recognized medical condition. Source(s): http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/hypocho…

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