Vaginal Bump...cyst, boil, or herpes?

About two weeks ago, i found a tiny pimple like bump on the outside of my vagina. Within a week that bump grew to the size of a pea and felt as if it contained some considerate of fluid. The bump grew beneath the skin, typically only noticeable by touch (not vision). Sometimes the bump would appear slightly red. I started to believe that I have a cyst that may have developed after I had shaved next to an older razor lone using shower gel (not my usual shaving cream). I shaved a few day before notice the bump.

I started to pore hot water on the bump hoping to break the head amenable. I pored hot water on the blemish for about 10 to 15 minutes two night in the row. I notice that the steam caused the bump to shrink in size. As a result the bump have become firm and has shrunk to about a quarter of the inventive size. Convinced that the problem was starting to go away, it begin to fill back up beside fluid than shrink again. It never grew bigger than its original size but at times it would get smaller. The hot hose down caused the skin to become dry and break open a moment or two. I found a bit of blood and a milky like fluid that looked like pus.

I go to the doctor and because it was slightly red she suggested that it may be possible that it is herpes (but she is not convinced). The bump has never itched and it is singular sensitive if a large amount of pressure is inflicted on the sore. The doctor took a vaginal sampling and a blood test and prescribed an antibiotic call "cephalexin". I have had one previous partner besides my current boyfriend, both virgins next to little to no sexual experience in the past. Although I will receive the interview results by tuesday, I am still concerned and would love some opinions of those around me. I have received no other sores and hold never in the past. Should I be concerned?

To better describe where on earth the bump is located on the outside of my vaginal (no anywhere in it). it is to my left of the clitoris on the nouns of skin where hair would grow. --> incase this description make a difference
That is not herpes. You have a cyst. I'm surprised the doctor would even suggest it was herpes considering herpes bumps are on the outside of the skin not underneath the skin as cysts are. I have had cysts and I started taking melt baths and they went away.
I have genital herpes and doesn`t matter what this is does not sound like herpes to me. When I first have an outbreak it was a bunch of small red bumps that went through phases such as anyone red and swollen to being white/yellow and filled near fluid then breaking open and turning into callus type sores later went away. Mine lasted for more or less 10-12 days and were EXTREMELY painful. At times I wouldn't be more or less to even walk, it was so bumpy. I also had flu like symptoms where on earth I got a fever and swollen lymph nodes not one and only in my neck but surrounded by my groin also. Not everyone has the same symptoms though (I pretty much have the worst case scenario.) If I'm wrong and it is herpes, then you get really lucky that it wasn't all that bad.

From someone who have genital herpes, this does not sound like the symptoms of herpes to me, but you never know.

I hope my info help you and GOOD LUCK!

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