Why am i throwing up green bile?

I woke up around two in the morning with an awful stomach pains. I one and only felt dizzy and like it be going to vomit. Its a strange waterygreen. I tried to eat but it was impossible short throwing up. I soon felt better after i threw up but the dizzy feeling come back. What should i do to get better
unless you ate something with that color, it could be indication of an infection.
Go see doctor. Do you have a restlessness?
Eat anything unusual lately?
You better dance to the hospital or see a doctor. You vomit could be green because of the food you ate, but if you can't keep anything down, thats a medical problem that needs to be address.
Bile shows up on your vomit when the food you throwed up be already in the intestinal portion of the digestory tract. Try eating something jammy to digest, such as rice and beans, or even a soup is a good idea. When you start awareness better, go back to your middle-of-the-road diet. If the problem persists, go and see a doctor :)

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