I'm getting for a time worried?

Ok, (ugh this is embarresing to say) Whenever I use the restroom to use number 2, I'm pooping, but I'm also releasing blood into the toilet. Not just a little bit, but like mad. I checked to see if I have a cut or anything, but there's nothing at hand.. I'm not hurting or anything, I feel fine.. What do you think is wrong beside me or what do you think that means? :(
You may have some full-size hemroids.
If you push a lot when you try and go to the restroom, next you can get hemroids.
hemroids are sacks of blood inside your anus, or only outside (kinda.) and they may bleed from time to time.

Just go to the store and buy some hemroidal cream, or go to your doctor and carry it checked out. Source(s): sister has a medical degree and works at a hosptial, so i hear medical parley a lot.
have minor hemroids.

not a big agreement.
that usually medium you are hemorrhaging(if i spelt it right) which at times cause stomach pain. but it can also parsimonious the you have a stomach ulcer and within that case you should see a doctor.
You can see a few pictures of what hemorrhoids look like (at the right hand side, as you scroll down through the pattern page): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemorrhoid

Not only can they be caused from straining to pooh, but can also be cause by sitting for long periods of time, having dignified blood pressure, and from being far too fat (and from pregnancy).

They hurt more when you are constipated or when your poopies are dry and knotty. Make sure you drink lots of water to keep your bowels moist, and verbs your poop by eating lots of fiber, or taking a fiber supplement (like FibreSure).

If you have external hemorrhoids, you can acquire some relief from using a bathtub, bidet, or extend-able shower principal... warm water will relax the muscles around the nouns.

Too, cold compresses may help to relieve the swelling.

There are some remedies you can get from the pharmacy, similar to a topical analgesic (pain reliever cream you apply) such as cinchocaine or pramocaine, and a topical vasoconstrictor (a vein shrinking cream) such as phenylephrine. Some hemorrhoid-specific medications contain a mixture of multiple ingredients, such as Preparation H, Proctosedyl, and Faktu.

For more severe hemorrhoids, you can see a dr (a proctologist), who can remove them surgically. My friend have this done -- they put an elastic bands on hers to cut stale the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, and many days later, the hemorrhoid shrunk and fell sour when she pooped. There are many other surgical methods too, but I think that's the most adjectives.

Although hemorrhoids themselves are not usually dangerous or life threatening, in attendance are many other diseases that get mistaken for hemorrhoids, resembling rectal cancer, anal fissures, anal abscesses, anal fistula, perianal hematoma, etc., so you really should CONSULT A DOCTOR, PARTICULARLY THE VERY FIRST TIME.

For those over age 50 (or age 40 if there's a family history of bowel cancers), contained by the USA.(and in Canada too, I think) a colonoscopy is recommended as a general diagnostic. Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemorrhoid

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