Am I within the Risk of a Heart attack from Masturbation?

Every time I have orgasm after masturbating.
my chest starts hurting really really bad. I receive really sweaty and my heart feels very unexpected. Every orgasm its gets worse and worse. I know what your going to say "Stop Masturbating" Its kinda a problem for me very soon. I masturbate 6 times a day. And the chest pains get worse. but I reflect on everything is fine because they go away. but this time it hasnt gone away so soon. My chest really hurts! HELP!
Jesus Christ man! Let stir of your damned b0ner for a minute!!
Yes, you are definitely at risk of a heart attack. It sounds resembling you are suffering from Premature-Cardio Ejaculatory Relapse Syndrome, or PCERS. This is a disease caused by excessive masturbation. Every time you masturbate some semen escapes into your bloodstream and eventually makes its process to the heart. In a normal person, this semen would purely be broken down by white blood cells and excreted through urine. However, people near PCERS lack the ability to break down semen within their blood, and therefore, it clumps in the arteries of the heart, which is what cause the heart attack.

At this point, there is no cure for PCERS, other than to stop masturbation completely. It sounds approaching you have it pretty bad at this point, so my proposal is to stop being so horny and take a break for a while. If you don't, you could possibly die in the next few days, judging by the information you give me. I would say go to a doctor, but there's no cure, so they wouldn't know how to help. All in adjectives... Godspeed. Source(s): Personal experience
I guess there is no alternative but to see a cardiologist. Symptoms close to the one you are experiencing right now requires the utmost attention. You may be required to undergo a stress audition, 2-D Echo, or even a simple ECG test. If the result turns negative, the physician may prescribe persuaded medicines to ease the dull pain and at the same time prevent a more serious problem like experiencing a stroke, heart attack or even aneurysm. But if you are very well to do and can very well afford it, put up with an angiogram. This procedure could very well determine if you enjoy a blocked artery or arteries. Have a nice day...
well it happen to me when i masturbate 16 hours non stop
Not exactly

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