Extreme toothache, no dentist, no money...HELP?

My mom just got an extreme toothache yesterday. She's broke and doesn't know if her insurance covers it. We found an emergency dentist place but they can't process insurance on weekends so we'd hold to pay with cash(didn't i mention she's broke). We call our usual dentist and she didn't pick up so we left a message. I didn't find any other emergency dentist clinics in my state. HELP?
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If there's no mode anybody can see her until Monday, then all she can do is tolerate with it. Can I suggest she takes the usual painkillers she might appropriate if safe (paracetamol every 4 hours alternating with ibuprofen also every 4 hours works as you can embezzle the 2 together, and that way she'd be having some benevolent of pain relief every 2 hours). Another entry she could do is put maybe a heat pack or something cold on her facade on the area of the tooth to soothe the pain. Sorry and I hope you acquire help soon!
turn to emergency room you will get a pill and precription. go to walmart to cram prescription for 4 dollars. if no ins you can still use er
you can go to your local emgerency room, they have to see you regardless if u can retribution or not. they won't pull the tooth, but they can help beside the pain until your mom can get to a dentist
If she can't change a check for the cash she needs or have a credit card she can use for an emergency visit, she has problems. She can walk to an emergency room for a few hundred dollars and they will just give her some medication until she can see a dentist. Can't she float a loan for $!00?? Source(s): A dentist
I would try eating lots of ice cream to numb the agony until you can find a dentist
She can go to a tramp in clinic or emergency room. They can give her the penicillin she wants also may give her pain pills. The dentist should be calling you pay for today, and if he does he will prescribe the medication. Truth is they may not make a trip in the bureau for an rct. Some rct need to be referred to an oral surgeon and that is usually during the week. You should be put surrounded by the schedule for first thing Monday morning for an x sunbeam to decide treatment plan. That's what we do in the dental department I work at. Source(s): Kim-RDA

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