Does getting your tradition teeth pulled hurt? and what is the process? do they numb it?

plz answer, thanks :)
You'll touch it but the novacaine makes it alot less worse than it would be. I wouldn't verbs about it.
Generally, teachings teeth come out more easily than any of the others, but the process is the same. Topical anesthetic is brushed onto the site of the key anesthetic injection, then the needle go in to numb the nerves. That process is not painful, but can be irritating as the dentist maneuvers the tip of the nozzle around in your gum to make sure adjectives the targets are reached. After more or less ten minutes, the teeth are extracted, the holes may be filled with a transient packing material for a day or so, and by afterwards the pain that follows the extraction (after the anesthetic wears off) is gone. Really, it's no big buy and sell. Source(s): Experience
No, it doesn't hurt, and in some cases you may not even be conscious during the procedure. If your teeth hold ruptured through the gum line they will simply pull them out, resembling the post above described. You will feel pressure as they pull out the teeth but shouldn't have a feeling any pain.

If your teeth are impacted though, they will give you anesthetic through an IV that will essentially knock you out. It isn't common anesthesia so it won't actually put you under completely, but most folks remember little to nothing about the together event. Some people remember hearing the oral surgeon conversation while they removed their teeth, while others like myself have without doubt no recollection of the event. They put you under like this when your teeth are impacted because the procedure take longer and is a lot more invasive, more of an oral surgery instead of simply pulling teeth.

After the teeth are removed you will be on pain killer for a few days because there is going to be a lot of swelling and twinge. If you take the drugs regularly though (and I mean on the dot, set your alarm for the middle of the darkness so you don't sleep through your next dose) you should only own minimal pain and discomfort. The Oxycodone they gave me have me pretty much knocked out for the first 3 days after I had my knowledge teeth removed. I had mine taken out on a Monday morning and I don't remember anything about that week until Wednesday hours of darkness.

The swelling peaks on the third day after have them removed, then goes down every morning after that until you're back to normal, usually 7-10 days after have them removed. If you have the teeth cut out they will put stitches in your gums that will dissolve on their own. Whether or not you enjoy stitches you will have to irrigate the wounds regularly with a hose pik that the oral surgeon will give you. They will give you explicit directions on how to keep hold of the area clean (water pik, swishing beside warm salt hose down, etc.) and if you do all of those things your chances of getting an infection or dry socket are immensely low. You also can't do things like drink through a straw or suck on a lollipop for the first week or so.

It's really not that bad, especially if you hold up with the pain meds and steal those few days off to just rest. Good luck!
I get 2 taken out. The Novocaine was the worst part.

They sit you down, inject novocaine into your gum string then yank them out. I could consistency them being removed but it didn't hurt at all.
I haven't but I heard it hurts a lot. My sister get hers out and she was in dull pain after wards. She ate only rime cream or cold soup for three days. Or yogurt. She was asleep most of the three days except for when she had to hold more pain pills. So I mean overall it didn't hurt that much except for when the meds started wearing sour.

She says all she remembers is the doc truism "Your going to feel a quick pinch and be gonna be done." (or something like that) He gave her the sleepy stuff and fell asleep and consequently woke up in intense pain at home. It be like she just blinked.

If I hear correctly, they cut your top lip open. That's all I know.

If your getting yours out, don't be worried. Although I'm not one to speak. I have a few years before I am getting mine out and I shake and enjoy like a panicked idea in my forearm. My muscles tighten in my forearm when I'm worried. Its really annoying, but I do have pretty strong forearms because its a workout. Sorry that doesnt matter, anyways... GOOD LUCK!

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