What's the difference between a simple extraction and a surgical extraction?

So I'm getting 4 teeth pulled and I was wondering what would my procedure classify as. Simple extraction or surgical. For all the dentist out at hand, I'm getting #4, 13, 21 and 28 pulled. Would I have to get stitches after have these teeth removed. Please let me know...thanks
Simple extractions are ones where on earth the tooth is grabbed by forceps and the tooth is extracted with no problems. A surgical extraction is when drilling and/or bone removal is indispensable to remove the tooth and/or root (the tooth breaks and it becomes necessary to verbs the roots out of the jaw).

Stitches are rarely required for single tooth extractions.

Sounds like you are have bicuspid extraction treatment for orthodontics. I'm sorry to hear that, especially if you are a female...

Bicuspid extraction along with retraction of anterior teeth own a high probability of causing TMJ after braces are removed. You may want to consider a non-extraction technique where on earth bicuspid teeth are not removed. There are better and more modern ways to treat than the way it was skilled over 75 years ago. Get a second opinion, preferably from an orthodontist who knows nearly functional orthodontics. Source(s): retired DDS
If the teeth are impacted they will need to be removed surgically (cut out).

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