My tooth hurts when I bite and when I touch it but its not supposed to go down out?

Im 16 years old don't smoke I brush my teeth twice a day lately ive be having trouble brushing and havent been to the dentist to gain my last cavities out, all right one of my tooth that aren't suppose to have a cavity hurts a lot when i bite, this happen before with one of my other tooth and they even move resembling their going to fall and i leave them alone and the subsequent day the tooth is back to mundane is this normal? it hurts right now and it feel like its going to fall out contained by a few days =( i don't wan tmy tooth to fall off i enjoy a perfect denture!!
pus formation under the root could supply these symptoms. and usually root canal treatment relieves the pain in half a shake.
i suggest you see your dentist asap to save your denture :)
i hate to read aloud this but you might need to see a dentist In the mean time ask for Percocets. Source(s): Doctor

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