Excessive lip licking?

My grandad recently started licking his lips constantly, even when he is discussion he licks his lips and sits surrounded by an evening watching tv and constantly licks his lips. Could within be a medicle condition for this? He is on all kinds of medication but it didnt label him do this before, it just made his d¨Ścolletage twitch.
How about having a look at the leaflets contained by his medication and see what the side effects of them are.

He is probably not aware that he is doing it and it may have developed into a habit. If he lives alone after he is unaware of what he does and does not have to consider how other relatives perceive what he is doing.

But if he has a couple of medicines that own the side effect of making his mouth dry he mrealisingying to counteract the very dry feeling surrounded by his moutprescribingrealisig why he is doing it.

Doctors are very guilty of precribing the cheapest medications available and culture need to be aware of the fact that in attendance are other alternatives available should they not suit them or cause other issues. Suggest a family beneficiary goes with him for a medication review.
Sounds close to the medications are causing some "xerostomia" or dry mouth. Suggest he run frequent sips of water and use a moisturizing lip balm such as Blistex. Chewing sugar-free gum or mints can help stimulate saliva flow, so can chewing crunchy foods resembling almonds or carrots... but sometimes this is difficult for elderly. There are products to use as saliva substitutes, and you could get more specific info from the dentist. Source(s): dental hygienist

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