Smoking marijuana and dental implant?

First off, I do not smoke tobacco. However, I do occasionally smoke weed and by occasionally, I mean once or twice a week tops.
Next week I'm going to the oral surgeon to return with the posts for my implants put in. Will my occasional pot smoking be a problem?
Also, I'll be have a dental bridge during the time that the implant posts fuse with the bone. Will the bridge be cooperative in protecting the implants from smoke?

I do own excellent oral hygiene and once again, I only smoke pot occasionally.

Thanks for your help Yahoo Answerers!
I don't think so. I own implants in my two front teeth and I smoke a few times a week usually.
First off , yes you can still smoke weed, no the bridge will not protect your implants from smoke. you can smoke as much weed as you want, but you stipulation to let a day or so jump by before blazing a joint or even smoking out of a pipe. Why you shouldn't smoke right after any mouth surgery is because nouns pockets can form and once that happens you will wish you hadn't smoke at adjectives, because the pain from the air pockets is extremely aching. Just wait a couple days after and you will be fine.
you should be fine, but.....remember that street drugs minimize the effects of local anesthetics. This is why smoking a amalgamated on the way to the dentist is a bad opinion, unless you like feeling misery, in which case shift for it.

Remember that a Dentist is a DOCTOR, and needs to be aware of whats going on with you physically. If you are a regular "head", afterwards be sure to tell your doctor (dentist) about your recreational drug use so that he/she can adjust the dosages of anesthetics and pain-killers to clash your metabolism. Otherwise, you might find yourself UNABLE to express it to the dentist with your mouth clamped open and still passion your face when it should be numb. Your dentist might recommend "cutting back" or quitting entirely until your implant are set properly----as smoking brings up a whole host of other problems during this critical time.

Talk to your dentist! Communication is key and so much easier than it be 20 years ago during the Regan Administration (when admitting such things to your dentist could get you arrested earlier you left the parking lot). Your dentist probably smokes weed too and will understand and increase your Lidocaine slightly to compensate.

Good luck and joyous bowling!
Hello, I'm a nurse and I think you should inform any robustness care provider about smoking marijuana. Don't verbs about getting caught/in trouble. I have a great deal of patients who admit to this and it's important to know because marijuana use can alter the effects of abundant medications.
Don't smoke pot after having your dental work done. You call for to heal first, or you risk dry socket. Same does for drinking out of straws, having caffeine, or taking birth control. Adk your dentist something like risk for dry socket- it can really hurt. After you heal, you are fine to smoke again. Good luck with everything! Source(s): I have dry socket- if you are in lots of pain, dance back to dentist. They put some stuff in mouth and instantly you will surface better. No need to suffer!
ya it wil cause of......................................…
the one and only thing it will do over time is stain your teeth smoking one joint= 30 cigarettes
stop smoking after the operation till it heals, you could risk dry socket which is intensely painful.

LOL missy how is one joint = 30 cigarettes? i'd love to see the facts and information for that one.

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